Our Story

Extremely clear on her life’s purpose, Madame Athena launched her first For Life project, Jamaica for Life, in her birth place with a few donations from family and friends in 2011. Her sister, Melvaree Achong, volunteered to help her with the project and later became the Director of Jamaica for Life.  As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Melvaree shared the same passion of bettering lives and giving back to her homeland.

Believing that all is possible with true commitment, Madame continued her journey implementing L.A. for Life within the United States.  She then teamed Joli Moniz who also shared the same mission of empowering communities while leaving a giant footprint.

Madame and Joli  attended Miss Porter’s School. Fast forward 24 years later… after working many years in independent school admissions as well as in the arts, Joli fulfilled her life long dream of moving to Cape Verde, the West African country of her heritage. A Sunday afternoon conversation between the two friends sparked the idea of launching a much needed project, Cape Verde for Life.


Madame Athena Chang, Founder/President of For Life Inc


Joli Moniz, Executive Director of For Life Inc


Melvaree Achong, Director of Jamaica for Life

One thought on “Our Story

  1. Patrice Chang says:

    I am committed to help you all reach our goals for our communities around the globe. Forwards Ever, Backwards Never!!!

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